Soft Red Winter Wheat

USG sources it’s wheat from private and university breeders to perform as best as possible for each local region they are produced.

Area of Adaptability
All Areas East Coast Mid South Mid-Atlantic
USG 3404 USG 3316 USG 3350 USG 3315
USG 3120 USG 3409 USG 3438 USG 3770
USG 3201 USG3458  USG 3536 USG 3523
USG 3251 USG 3523 USG 3448 USG 3316
USG 3833 USG 3438 
USG 3228
USG 3555
USG 3895
USG 3197 

The All Area varieties are largely adapted and will produce throughout the Mid South, Southeast, East Coast and Mid-Atlantic: These states of adaptability include, AL, AR, DE, GA, KY, MD, NC, VA, TN, SC, MO, MS, PA, TX, LA

Mid-Atlantic Adapted Varieties: DE, MD, PA, VA

East Cost Adapted Varieties: NC, SC, VA

Mid South Adapted Varieties: AR, AL, GA, KY, LA, MS, MO, TN

New Varieties for Fall 2017 (Available in limited supply)

USG 3448USG 3228USG 3458

Wheat Characteristics Quick Table

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