Producer List

Looking for a dealer in your area? Use the table below to find the nearest USG dealer, their contact information and what lines¬†of seed they produce. If you aren’t finding what you are looking for, please let us know.

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Dealer LinkCity and StateDealer Phone Number Soybeans ProducedWheat Produced
Clemmons & Hamner Seed Killen, AL256-757-999674E88, ALLEN, ELLIS3448
Fuller Seed and Supply Poplar Grove, AR870-829-346174E88, 74K95RS3404, 3536
Pinnacle Ag. Jonesboro, AR870-972-61413201
Clark Seeds Inc. Kenton, DE302-653-924973P93R, 74F24RS, 74A27, 74B42R, 74G23L, 7426XTS3197, 3404, 3555
Murray Bros.Selbyville, DE302-436-36393197, 3536, 3404, 3316
Hilliard Farm & Seed Co.Clinton, KY270-653-572173P93R, 7426XTS, ALLEN, 74G23L
Willowdale FarmsJefferson, MD301-667-00743770
Wimberly Farms Princess Anne, MD410-651-27067384nRS, 74A27, 74F24RS, 74B58, 74E88, 73P93R, 74A79R, 7427XTS, 7447XTS3316, 3251, 3404, 3523
Delta Growers Association Charleston, MO573-649-3047
Boar Branch Seed Clarendon, NC910-840-293576S90R, 77S40R, 77S63R, 76G10L, 76G75L3201, 3409, 3120
Cavenaugh Agri-Sales, Inc.Dunn, NC910-892-504376S90R, 7732nRR3197
Moore FarmMount Ulla, NC704-278-953174A74RS, 75J62R, 75B75R, ELLIS, 7487XTS3120, 3201, 3404, 3895, 3197
Cashwell & Jones, Inc.Mt. Olive, NC919-658-654075J90R, 76S73R, 7576XT, 7607XT, 7697XT3536, 3895
Harvey's Fertilizer and Gas Kinston, NC252-523-909075J90R, 76J45R, 76S73R, 7506XTS, 7576XT, 7697XT, 7757XT3536, 3895
Dogwood FarmsAlbemarle, NC704-982-814875J90R, 76S22R3404
Sonny YorkLiberty, NC336-622-24807576XT
Cherry Farms Seed Company, Inc. Columbia, NC252-796-12593895, 3197, 3536, 3404
Eure Seed Farms, Inc. Hertford, NC252-264-3326620, 7732, 77S40R, 76G45LS3458, 3197
Gerard Seed Washington, NC252-946-81237757XT3536, 3404
White Hat Seed Farms, Inc.Hertford, NC252-264-242775J90R, 76S73R, 76S90R, 7576XT, 7686XT3523, 3120, 3404, 3895
Gamble Family Farms, LLC.New Zion, SC803-473-76017757XT3536, 3895, 3404
Mixon Seed Co.Orangeburg, SC803-531-1777
L.B. Wannamaker Seed St. Matthews, SC803-874-30117732
Paul Farms, Inc.Darlington, SC843-393-55547732
Cain-Bickley Chemicals, LLC. Marshallville, GA478-967-229177J25R3120
Fandrich Supply Co.Belvidere, TN931-967-3377ALLEN, 74A74RS, 75J23R, 74G99L, ELLIS3555, 3350
Huffstetler & Sons Seed, Inc.Greenfield, TN731-235-216774E88, 74A91, 7497XT, 74A79R, ELLIS3438
Hurt Seed Co., Inc.Halls, TN731-836-75747487XTS, 7496XTS, 7506XTS, 7547XT, 74E88, ELLIS3228, 3448, 3536, 3895
Obion Grain Co.Obion, TN731-536-6251
Sellers SeedObion, TN731-538-299073P93R, 74E88, 74G99L, ELLIS, 5618V3251, 3404, 3120
TN Farmers Co-Op Lavergne, TN615-793-839374E88, ELLIS
Lumpkins FarmsLeonard, TX903-587-2501
R.W. White Farm, L.L.C.Virginia Beach, VA757-621-014174H92R, 75B75R, 7506XTS, 7547XT, 5618V
Featherstone Farm Seed Amelia, VA804-561-375474K95RS, ELLIS, 7553nRS, 75J23R, 7506XTS 5618V3316, 3197, 3895
Hundley Seed Co, Inc.Champlain, VA804-443-82063197, 3316
Farmers Rest Farm, Inc.Charles City, VA804-241-56293251, 3316, 3404
Renwood Farms, Inc. Charles City, VA804-829-245074B58, 7553, 74A74RS, 74B83R, 74D95RS, 74K95RS, 75B75R, 75J90R, 76S73R, 75G95LS, ELLIS3523, 3833, 3404, 3895, 3316, 3197, 3228, 3458, 3555
Dowdy Farms. Valdosta, GA229-805-039074A74RS, 74K95RS