Producer List

Looking for a dealer in your area? Use the table below to find the nearest USG dealer, their contact information and what varieties of seed they produce. If you aren’t finding what you are looking for, please let us know.

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Dealer LinkCity and StateDealer Phone Number Soybean Varieties ProducedWheat Varieties Produced
Clemmons & Hamner Seed Killen, AL256-757-999674E88, ALLEN, ELLIS3404
Fuller Seed and Supply Poplar Grove, AR870-829-346174E88, 74K95RS 3438, 3404, 3536
Pinnacle Ag. Jonesboro, AR870-972-61413201
Clark Seeds Inc. Kenton, DE302-653-924973P93R, 74F24RS, 74A27, 74B42R, 74G23L, 7426XTS3523, 3404, 3555
Murray Bros.Selbyville, DE302-436-36393612, 3770, 3404, 3316
Hilliard Farm & Seed Co.Clinton, KY270-653-572173P93R, 7426XTS, ALLEN, 74G23L3404
Willowdale FarmsJefferson, MD301-667-0074 3315, 3770, 3404
Wimberly Farms Princess Anne, MD410-651-27067384nRS, 74A27, 74F24RS, 74B58, 74E88, 73P93R, 74A79R, 7427XTS, 7447XTS3316, 3251, 3404, 3523
Delta Growers Association Charleston, MO573-649-3047
Boar Branch Seed Clarendon, NC910-840-293576S90R, 77S40R, 77S63R, 76G10L, 76G75L3201, 3409, 3612
Cavenaugh Agri-Sales, Inc.Dunn, NC910-892-504376S90R, 7732nRR3120, 3201
Moore FarmMount Ulla, NC704-278-953174A74RS, 75J62R, 75B75R, ELLIS, 7487XTS3120, 3201, 3404, 3756
Cashwell & Jones, Inc.Mt. Olive, NC919-658-654075J90R, 76S73R, 7576XT, 7607XT, 7697XT3404, 3895
Harvey's Fertilizer and Gas Kinston, NC252-523-909075J90R, 76J45R, 76S73R, 7506XTS, 7576XT, 7697XT, 7757XT3404, 3895
Dogwood FarmsAlbemarle, NC704-982-814875J90R, 76S22R3404
Sonny YorkLiberty, NC336-622-24807576XT
Cherry Farms Seed Company, Inc. Columbia, NC252-796-12593895, 3120, 3201, 3404
Eure Seed Farms, Inc. Hertford, NC252-264-3326620, 7732, 77S40R, 76G45LS3120, 3201, 3251, 3895, 3612, 3404
Gerard Seed Washington, NC252-946-81237757XT3895, 3120, 3404
White Hat Seed Farms, Inc.Hertford, NC252-264-242775J90R, 76S73R, 76S90R, 7576XT, 7686XT3523, 3120, 3251, 3555, 3404, 3895
Gamble Family Farms, LLC.New Zion, SC803-473-76017757XT
Mixon Seed Co.Orangeburg, SC803-531-1777
L.B. Wannamaker Seed St. Matthews, SC803-874-30117732
Paul Farms, Inc.Darlington, SC843-393-55547732
Cain-Bickley Chemicals, LLC. Marshallville, GA478-967-229177J25R3120, 3013, 3404, 3201
Fandrich Supply Co.Belvidere, TN931-967-3377ALLEN, 74A74RS, 75J23R, 74G99L, ELLIS3555, 3350
Huffstetler & Sons Seed, Inc.Greenfield, TN731-235-216774E88, 74A91, 7497XT, 74A79R, ELLIS3438
Hurt Seed Co., Inc.Halls, TN731-836-75747487XTS, 7496XTS, 7506XTS, 7547XT, 74E88, ELLIS3013, 3120, 3201, 3251, 3438, 3404
Obion Grain Co.Obion, TN731-536-6251
Sellers SeedObion, TN731-538-299073P93R, 74E88, 74G99L, ELLIS, 5002T, 5601T3251, 3404, 3120
TN Farmers Co-Op Lavergne, TN615-793-839374E88, ELLIS
Lumpkins FarmsLeonard, TX903-587-25013201
R.W. White Farm, L.L.C.Virginia Beach, VA757-621-014174H92R, 75B75R, 7506XTS, 7547XT
Featherstone Farm Seed Amelia, VA804-561-375474K95RS, ELLIS, 7553nRS, 75J23R, 7506XTS3404, 3120, 3523, 3895
Hundley Seed Co, Inc.Champlain, VA804-443-82063523, 3404
Farmers Rest Farm, Inc.Charles City, VA804-241-56293523, 3251, 3404
Renwood Farms, Inc. Charles City, VA804-829-245074B58, 7553, 74A74RS, 74B83R, 74D95RS, 74K95RS, 75B75R, 75J90R, 76S73R, 75G95LS, ELLIS3523, 3833, 3404, 3895, 3316, 3197
Dowdy Farms. Valdosta, GA229-805-039074A74RS, 74K95RS