About Us

UniSouth Genetics, Inc. (USG), is a non-profit seed company that was founded by foundation seed organizations in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South Regions. The goal set forth at the first meeting was to provide a solution to a problem that was on the horizon. With RoundUp Ready soybean seed coming, the local seed-producing and cleaning operations needed an outlet that will continue to allow them to produce and clean seed. USG was formed in 1997 and has provided its licensees with competitive seed cultivars and will continue to do so.

USG currently has licensees in 15 states. You can contact your local USG producer or your local retailer/wholesaler and have seed shipped to a location closer to your operation. USG producers have employees that are experienced and knowledgeable in the seed, conditioning, fungicide, and herbicide spectrum. Not only do they provide a sale to the farmer, but plan to select products to maximize yield potential for your operation.

Our producers are not just reading from a pamphlet but are producers that have seen and tried the seed in field conditions in your area. Most licensees have been involved in the seed business for generations. USG looks at every experimental line extensively before selecting which released line would go into the USG line-up. Products are selected for your region and are tested in the state variety tests, extension tests, local field plots, USG strain trials, and side by side test plots before being selected. When we first started, we wanted lines that consistently yielded in the top 30 percent. Not only did we achieve this goal, but we are constantly fielding test winners. Our arsenal of seed products includes Roundup Ready Genuity soybeansRoundup Ready soybeans, Liberty Link soybeans,  conventional soybeans, STS soybeans, RR2Y Xtend Soybeans, wildlife corn and small grains (wheat) lines.